Just Keep Going
Just keep going.

Winston Churchill is often quoted as having said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.”  I looked it up, and there is no real proof that he actually said that. But it’s a pretty good quote anyway. The nearest quote I could find was this:  “Someone once asked a man how he was. He replied, “I’m going through hell!” Said his friend: “Well, keep on going. That is no place to stop!”  Good advice.

Winston Churchill actually said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing great or small, large or petty—never give in.” Also good advice (in terms of working towards getting clean and sober. Maybe not the best relationship advice ;P )

The month of January is filled with many good resolutions, goals, intentions, whatever you want to call them. It does seem like a good time to start- at the beginning of the year. New year, new goals and all that. But as many (most) of us have experienced however, by the third week in January most of our resolutions, goals or intentions have fallen by the wayside often never to be revisited again until next January. I certainly fell into that category for most of my adult life. And surprisingly enough, I actually never changed. I basically stayed the same person for many, many years. I WANTED to change. I PLANNED to change, I HOPED to change, I ENVIED those who were able to change, but just didn’t seem to have the “oooomph” I needed to actually effect a change.  And then my alcoholism and drug abuse spiraled out of control. So it was time. It wasn’t January. But it was time to do something different. I went to rehab. I went to AA, I went to NA, I went to therapy. And I was able to get clean and sober. That was 25 years ago. And you know what? I STILL work my program like it is day ONE. Because to me, that is what it means to “keep going”.

So now, it’s February. How are you coming on your New Year Resolutions/Goals?  If you are still plugging away at them- GOOD!  YAY!!!  WOOT!!!!  If you have hit a road block, and maybe need some support in getting back on track, Celebrate Recovery can help.  We meet every Wednesday night to work on our hurts, habits, and hang-ups in a SAFE and NON-judgmental community.

Whatever you struggle with: finances, drugs, relationships, alcohol, depression, pornography, overeating, spending, gambling, loneliness– Celebrate Recovery can help you start, and more importantly, keep going on the road to recovery and a good life.  You don’t have to wait until Monday, the first of the month, the first of the year, summer, spring, fall, you name it. You can start right now!!!!!  We meet every Wednesday night, offer FREE child care, provide a very low cost delicious dinner ($3.00 can’t beat that!), and connect you with a compassionate and caring community of people who have kept going and are experiencing the freedom you may be looking for. To participate, all you need to do is show up!  Dinner is at 6:00, the main program starts at 7:00.  Come on by and check us out!