Why Wait?
Resolutions. Again.
Resolutions. Again.

It’s that time of year again: “The Time of Resolutions”, which most often (at least in my life) used to be quickly followed by that lovely time of “forget it”, it’s too hard.  I suspect that for many of us, the same old resolutions are at the top of the list. For me, year after year, I used to make the same decision to cut down on my drinking, eat better, watch tv less, and exercise more.  Usually, by the end of January, most of my resolutions were forgotten.  But this year can be different. It really can.

What would it be like to find yourself at the end of January, still working on those resolutions?  And again in March, still making progress?  In June, you could definitely check off another box in your new Bullet Journal, (because you are STILL journaling!), and in December you could celebrate a year of hard work! I know, I know, it sort of sounds like one of those, “Lose weight while you sleep” kind of gigs, but honestly, it’s not. Celebrate Recovery is a Christian based program designed to help us all with our hurts, hang-ups and habits.  It works.  It really does.  Through music, teaching, fellowship and small group book work, CR helps us to figure out why we do what we do, and make the necessary changes to move towards freedom from the things that ensnare us.  I discovered that freedom isn’t what I COULD do, freedom is what I am free NOT to do-I am able to say NO to the things I don’t want to do.  Think about it.

Come check us out- we meet every Wednesday night at Creekside Community Church at 951 MacArthur Blvd San Leandro, CA 94577.  510.430.0607.  If you want more information, click here about how it works.

To participate- just show up!